If you do not find an answer to your question here, contact us at 208-880-7430 or tvbchnewsletter@hotmail.com
State EMS Dispatch for all of Idaho 1 800 632-8000

QUESTION Who can lead a work project? 
 Any member who would like to.

QUESTION When does TVBCH Meet?
We are meeting on the 1st Thursday at 7:00 pm.
new change effective 3/2019

QUESTION: Where does TVBCH Meet?
FRA Building 1012 11th Ave North Nampa ID
click here for map of location building
There are some exceptions so please call if you are not sure. 

Question: Where is volunteer hours report form?
On bottom of project reports page on this website.

Reimbursement form
HOW-TO- STOP-THE-BLEED - Good information to know! Take a few minutes to review information provided by Cheryl Bice, RN.
Membership form

Personal Medical Information Form

Map of Rat’s nest/Clark Road & Sommer Camp area South of Marsing ID


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